Can I upgrade my package?

Sure, if you purchased, for example, Golden package and then want to get an extended one – just contact us telling which package (or separate files) you would like to get and we will send you a link to pay only the difference.

What does money-back guarantee mean and how it works?

Let us first say that you will hardly need it, because we do try to give our customers what they really want and like. But, anyway, if you don’t like the design we created after the first attempt (while creating the first concept) – we will return all the money back without asking unnecessary questions.

Please note that in case you get a refund we reserve all the copyrights. Also, we can’t refund you when you’ve already decided to work further with us after we had created and shown the first concept.

What is 3D mockup?

A 3D mockup is a tool which allow you to show and see your logo or another product/brand identity on various surfaces. It’s an easy way to see how your logo will look on paper, doors, reception, outdoor signboard, storefront and so on.

You can also see examples of what 3D mockups are by looking at our portfolio.

Why do I need vector files?

You need vector files to be able to edit your logo in the future, scale it up and use with different dimensions without loss of quality (e.g. outdoor ads, signboards and so on).

How can I place an order?

You can choose one of our packages here and click on the button below the prefered package. Or you can contact us via the form below if you need something personal or have any questions.

You can pay for package in full by clicking on the “get package” button or to prepay 50% by contacting us.

If you need something apart from our logo packages or other services, please, contact us and we will give you detailed payment and other information.

Please, remember, that we have money-back guarantee so it’s absolutely risk-free for you.

Can you design something else besides logos?

Sure! We can also create banners, covers, flyers, stationery designs, social media kits and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime to know more about our services. You can also visit our Services page if you haven’t seen it.

Which information should I provide to get you started logo design?

We will ask you to fill the brief (you can download the brief here). We send it to you right after receiving your order. You don’t have to fill in all the fields, but usually the more information you give us the more faster we create what you need.

How does payment work?

We accept PayPal. So you can pay from your PayPal account or directly by your credit/debit card.

What is vector tracing?

Vector tracing means converting your raster/bitmap image or graphic (i.e. JPG, PNG, BMP files) into vector file (CDR, AI, EPS, PDF). Vector files allow you to edit your logo anytime and to scale it up and use with any dimensions without loss of quality.

What does "major revisions" mean?

It means a total or complex editing of your chosen logo concept. But, usually, when our customers provide enough information of their needs, we are able to “hit the mark” with the first or only a few attempts. Don’t worry – if you need some minor changes to be made, we will provide as much revisions as you need to complete the work. We simply add this revisions limit to protect ourselves from customers who don’t know what they need and want.

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